Max Igan hoaxer.

Every time you head North you follow the North Star, yet people don’t mention the star, yet they’ll more than likely just say North. And if you smoke dope, don’t smoke as much as Max, his brain fell out of his head.

Max is regularly interviewed on Press Tv where they broadcast the hoaxes / Crisis actors & scripts put out by the western media. You’ll never see Max 33  criticise Press tv for promoting hoaxes & staged events whilst stating they exist.

Just as Max admits NASA is fake yet he assumes the earth is an oblate spheroid or pear shaped.

Could Max 33 please show me this evidence?

@ The Crowhouse.
I had a conversation with Max Igan where he denied that Chaldean numerology existed & Pythagoras numerology existed as you can see from his own responses. I also wanted to ask 4 questions about the globe/flat Earth which have got me stumped. I’ve also found a few times on his show blatant lies. First one was if humans are vegetarians & the answer is “yes”. I personally do eat meat at this stage of my life, but Max hasn’t researched that of course.

Now  Max Igan doesn’t comprehend basic questions & neither can you get him to answer basic questions. Whilst promoting smoking weed which he states, “Improves brain function”. Well I found his brain not to be functioning actually, whilst calling himself a “real” researcher which I find hard to believe now.

Max Igan is 33 in

Pythagorean numerology:

His website Crowhouse is 44 in Chaldean numerology:

I began to ask Max Igan a few  questions.

Max Igan 33, straight away stated Russian Vids is co intel. Well Max Igan 33 Russian Vids isn’t the only you tube channel stating this if you do the research & these numerology calculators have been around a long time since Russian Vids.

Here’s Max Igan’s answer:

He still has’nt answered my question in relation to his numerology names, that’s all I asked I didn’t ask anything else.

On Max’s show he’s actually not worried if the Earth is flat or round, which I find disturbing actually.  Max thinks the flat Earth topic is a psy op with not much proof that it is a psy op may I add.

Max actually becomes quite vulgar & makes personnel attacks on people whilst promoting a community. Using such words as Turd, Fucking Idiot, etc. Personally I found him a disgrace.

I thought I’d try to get onto the Earth topic.

The response I received was quite blatantly dismissed to being put into  “the flat Earth looney Bin” whilst admitting NASA is a fakery.

 Max then discredit’s himself by stating “Flat Earther’s associate all these topics (see below) with a belief in the Earth being flat”.

Max lost me here, boxing these hoaxes all together  & admitting NASA is a hoax but the Earth’s a ball.  Of course the NASA photos of the ball Earth are completely CGI & in some of them the continents are so out of proportion it is beyond a joke.  Any “real” researcher could see that, but not Max, no not Max. Max states in his shows that all you get off the flat earthers is, “ITS CGI” umm that’s because it is Max.

Max has obviuosly smoked to much weed

Max lost me here where he emphasise’s people being “loonie” considering Max admits NASA is fake.

This is where I must admit that Max completely lost me & I began to think if he actually does have a brain.

I started to smell “bullshit” dribbling from his mouth.

 He won’t answer questions, he becomes vulgar, irrational & actually the conversation deteriorates from here on his behalf.

So I asked him these simple questions & of course you don’t answer a question with a question, but Max Igan 33 does.

And once a question has been answered you don’t go through it again, Max does.

I wanted to know what 911 had to do with the Earth as he boxed it into Flat Earth quite conviently may I add.

I asked him some questions that I want answered. Do you think Max the “real” researcher would answer them, of course not.

All I want is for these questions to be answered and I’ll throw flat Earth out of the window. 

He becomes quite rude & blatantly as if I’m waisting his time.

Of course anyone who does research would know your not allowed to the South Pole, it’s off limits.

Why is MAX Igan 33, Crowhouse 44 & he won’t answer basic questions?

All I wanted is for Max to clarify these questions which go against what I was taught, yet Max answers questions with a question, which of course is pure ignorance.

All of a sudden he becomes to busy as if he is so important.

So I call him out on his “bullshit” and mis direction to my questions.

And here’s where it gets nasty, because Max can’t understand his own bullshit.

I use to like the Goodies for a laugh on tv, he still will not answer the questions. I also want to know why he has incorporated false flag shootings into globe/flat earth debate.

And here’s Max’s response:

Turd, fucking idiot  & cheeseforbrains are quite common for an ignorant person

So Max enjoys directing people away from questioning the Earth.

And here’s Max Igan and the North Star that he has talked about before.

And Max would know that we are vegetarians but he can’t grasp that concept as spoken on his shows.

Now if you want to smoke dope, go ahead but it’s obviuosly infected Max’s brain. If you can’t answer the questions then say so, not Max 33 Igan, he won’t.

Max does admit smoking dope on his shows, what a wonderful beacon to young children as that’s who he is reaching out too.