33 is a very significant number in the occult used as an attack on humanity.

Jesus was crucified at the age of 33.

We have 33 vertebrae in our Spine.
You as a human have chakra points throughout your body that effect you.
The 33 angels cast down from heaven.

33rd degree Freemasonry of the
Scottish Rite.
Freemasonry is Satanic which can be easily identified through signs & symbols & there temples.

The 33rd Degree:


A Sovereign Grand Commander showing the dual 33’s encased in pyramids. His head piece has an insignia on it which is from Alister Crowley’s teachings.


Aleister Crowley was a Freemason, known as the most wicked man on Earth.

Aleister Crowley with the Masonic symbols on his head piece.

Crowley was also heavily into “The Golden Dawn”.


Crowley was a satanist that used Baphomet.

And of course Obama who is a homosexual and his so called wife is a tranny puts on a Crowley t-shirt.

Here we have a bust of George Washington a Freemason, notice how it states,
Freemason then First President not the other way around.

Here’s George Washington depicted as Baphomet.

Queen Elizabeth is a Freemason as seen in her Freemason Hospital.

And not to forget the queen playing dress up either.

Here’s Queenie with her Masonic handshake.

Australian Dictator, Malcolm “Freemason Jew” Turnbull is a disgusting piece of trash that belongs in jail.

Here’s Turdbull doing his Masonic sign in parliament.

And what about Malcolm Jew boy allowing Palestinians to be murdered.