Melbourne Bourke Street Hoax.
The offender, Gargasoulas in Chaldean numerology is 33.

A tweet was put out:

You’ll notice the pure propaganda in this tweet, Zionism , conspiracy & false flag plots. Which of course they leave out the fact that it was a Freemasonic Hoax.

You’ll now see the fake blood on this crisis actor:

The blood is fake, blood is not that colour. 

‘The 7 Code’.
CN – Chaldean Numerology

PN – Pythagorean Numerology

MN – Master Number
This was planned & staged for all the non awaken souls for there daily fear programming.
The article:
Bourke St car attack: Accused driver James Gargasoulas pleads not guilty to murder

James in CN is 14 for 77.

Gargasoulas in CN is 33.

JAMESGARGASOULAS in PN is 52, 5+2=7.

Bourke in PN is 27 for 999, 666.

(He’s ‘accused’ as this story is fictitious)
‘James Gargasoulas, 27, appeared via video link for a brief hearing at the Melbourne Magistrates’ Court to enter the plea to six counts of murder and 28 counts of attempted murder as well as other charges’.
27 for 999, 666.

Melbourne Magistrates’, MM, 33.

Six counts & 28 counts, 6+2+8=16, 1+6=7.

28 counts, 7777.
‘mall and along the footpath for several blocks on January 20’.
January 20, January being the 1st month, 120, 21, 777.
‘Three-month-old Zachary Bryant, Thalia Hakin, 10, Matthew Si, 33, Japanese student Yosuke Kanno, 25 and Sydney woman Jess Mudie, 22, were all killed after being hit along Bourke St’.
Zachary in PN is 37 & in CN is 20, 37+20=57, 5+7=12, 21, 777.

Bryant (as in Martin Bryant) in CN is 15, 555.

ZACHARYBRYANT in CN is 35, 77777

Thalia in CN is 15, 555.

Hakin (hacking you) is 14 in CN, 77.

THALIAHAKIN is 49 in PN, 7777777

Matthew in PN is 27, 999, 666.

MATTHEWSI in PN is 19.


Matthew Si aged 33, 33.

Yosuke in CN & PN is 24, 22 & 44 MN.

Kanno in PN is 19.

YOSUKEKANNO in PN is 43, 4+3=7.


Sydney on the 33rd parallel, 33.

Mudie in PN is 25, 2+5=7.

JESSMUDIE (the ‘Jess’ on purpose) in PN is 33.

Bourke in PN is 27, 999, 666.

‘Bhavita Patel, 33, died in hospital 10 days later’. (No one died, no one got hurt.)
Bhavita in PN is 27, 999, 666.

Patel in PN is 18, 666.

Patel in CN is 21, 777.

Aged 33, for 33.
Presented on your ABC. 123, 33.
The Australian Psychotic government is in on this lunacy.

Show us the Footage of the driver heading down Bourke Street?

You won’t get any, because it doesn’t exist.