Glenhuntly hoax, Just another drill.

Can’t even get the story straight:

-His age?
-Is it 5 women or 4 people & a child?
-Show us the video footage?
-An on coming train, you’d be dead or the train would have to come to a streaking halt.
-No train driver involved.
The accused is 47 years of age here:

“The 47-year-old Carnegie man is accused of assaulting five women who were waiting at the Glenhuntly train station on Sunday.”
He’s 45 years in this:

“A 45-year-old man from Carnegie has been arrested and will be interviewed by police.”

“FOUR people, including a child, have been rushed to hospital in Melbourne ”
“Its alleged the 45 year old”
He’s 46 years of age here:

“Police said a 46-year-old Carnegie”
“The attack was recorded on security cameras.”

Yet we don’t see any footage of course.
What time was the attack?

Here it’s at 11am

Yet here we have….

Thrown onto the tracks at 11.15am

Yet the paramedics turned up at 11.15am
An elderly women was pushed onto the tracks & received fractures, yet no reports of the train stopping.

“Right in the path of an on coming train”

“The train was not very far from the station”

Here’s a crisis actor: