The 33rd Degree Freemason Liars.

33 is a very significant number in the occult used as an attack on humanity.

Jesus was crucified at the age of 33.

We have 33 vertebrae in our Spine.
You as a human have chakra points throughout your body that effect you.
The 33 angels cast down from heaven.

33rd degree Freemasonry of the
Scottish Rite.
Freemasonry is Satanic which can be easily identified through signs & symbols & there temples.

A Sovereign Grand Commander showing the dual 33’s encased in pyramids. His head piece has an insignia on it which is from Alister Crowley’s teachings.


Aleister Crowley was a Freemason, known as the most wicked man on Earth.

Aleister Crowley with the Masonic symbols on his head piece.

Here we have a bust of George Washington a Freemason, notice how it states,
Freemason then First President not the other way around.

Here’s George Washington depicted as Baphomet.

Queen Elizabeth is a Freemason as seen in her Freemason Hospital.

And not to forget the queen playing dress up either.

Here’s Queenie with her Masonic handshake.

The Neil Degrasse Tyson Fraudster.

Neil Degrasse Tyson
He is a fraud, a con artist & a Freemason.

Degrasse in pythagerous numerology is 33.

Neil states,

“The earth is pear shaped”

Neil cannot explain these fake photos from NASA.

Neil makes up false statements.

Just listen to the rubbish he spouts  that is easily seen on you tube.

Neil is into satanism, the photos are all over the internet.

Yes Neil’s fakery is exceptional.

Neil pollutes children’s minds.

The Melbourne Bourke Street Hoax

Melbourne Bourke Street Hoax.
The offender, Gargasoulas in Chaldean numerology is 33.

A tweet was put out:

You’ll notice the pure propaganda in this tweet, Zionism , conspiracy & false flag plots. Which of course are reality.

You’ll now see the fake blood on this crisis actor:

The blood is fake, blood is not that colour. 

The Australian Psychotic government is in on this lunacy.

“The climate change lies”

Climate hoax
This article is absolute rubbish, it didn’t even reach 40 degrees Celsius in Adelaide at 2.29 pm.ABC is known as a Zionist propaganda arm especially for climate change lies.

At 2.29 pm it apparently reached 40.
Well here you go, all rubbish:

And the wind was a wsw:

More lies:

Adelaide swelters through hottest Christmas in 70 years – ABC News

“The Malcolm Turnball Bankster”



Malcolm the Rothschild Puppet

Malcolm Turnbull is a Criminal.

Turnbull calls for ‘strong grassroots’ for Australian republic – ABC News
Turnbull caught lying again. These are indisputable facts with the Queen iinvolved in peadophilia, Drug running, Trafficking children, terrorism, extortion, fraud & is owned by the Rothschild’s. 

Malcolm Turnbull is a puppet, a Jew banker who outright lies. You’ll never have a republic in Australia because your money is owned not by you, but criminals.

The Liberal Spill

Malcolm Turnbull’s key supporters say he will be a candidate for the prime ministership on Tuesday if a spill of the Liberal Party leadership positions is successful.

Who does Malcolm Turnball work for?

Qualifications and occupation before entering Federal Parliament

BA, LLB (Syd), BCL(Hons) (Oxon).
Rhodes Scholar (NSW 1978).
Journalist 1975-79.
Barrister and solicitor 1980-83 and 1986-88.
Grazier 1982-2004.
General Counsel and Secretary, Consolidated Press Holdings Group 1983-85.
Managing Director, Turnbull and Partners Ltd 1987-97.
Chairman, OzEmail Ltd 1994-99.
Director, FTR Holdings Ltd 1995-2004.
Chairman and Managing Director, Goldman Sachs Australia 1997-2001.
Partner, Goldman Sachs and Co 1998-2001.

Red Flags, Goldman & Sachs.

Newcastle Business Club – The Hon Malcolm Turnbull MP and Mr Kyle Loades, NRMA Director –

Managing Director, Turnbull and Partners Ltd 1987-97. An investing operation using people’s money to gamble in speculation & deritives.

Malcolm Turnball “Communication Minister”

Instead of “fibre Optics for broadband” Malcolm didn’t do that.

The Government’s NBN plan will be of little value to business, with the study reporting businesses are only willing to pay 50 per cent more than households to upgrade their current internet service.

Community TV: Malcolm Turnbull confirms licensing for stations will end in 2015

Community television will be booted off air by the Federal Government in a little over 12 months.
Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull announced that community stations would only be licensed until the end of 2015.

Malcolm Turnball wants you going backwards, Ch 31 has Lyndon Larouche.

The Glenhuntly Hoax, Melbourne, Australia.

Glenhuntly hoaxJust another drill.

Can’t even get the story straight:

-His age?
-Is it 5 women or 4 people & a child?
-Show us the video footage?
-An on coming train, you’d be dead or the train would have to come to a streaking halt.
-No train driver involved.
The accused is 47 years of age here:

“The 47-year-old Carnegie man is accused of assaulting five women who were waiting at the Glenhuntly train station on Sunday.”
He’s 45 years in this:

“A 45-year-old man from Carnegie has been arrested and will be interviewed by police.”

“FOUR people, including a child, have been rushed to hospital in Melbourne ”
“Its alleged the 45 year old”
He’s 46 years of age here:

“Police said a 46-year-old Carnegie”
“The attack was recorded on security cameras.”

Yet we don’t see any footage of course.
What time was the attack?

Here it’s at 11am

Yet here we have….

Thrown onto the tracks at 11.15am

Yet the paramedics turned up at 11.15am
An elderly women was pushed onto the tracks & received fractures, yet no reports of the train stopping.

“Right in the path of an on coming train”

“The train was not very far from the station”

Here’s a crisis actor:

The Springvale Hoax, Melbourne Australia.

Springvale HoaxJust another drill

A. Walked into bank at 11.30 am.


B. The day of the hoax, is 9-11-2016.


C.The attacker is 21.


D. Known to friends as,

Nur “Islam”


Can’t confirm if 6 people are just ill or critical?

“Six people critically ill”

Yet now it’s 6 of the worst injured:

“It’s understood the badly-burnt man was arrested by police in a laneway at the rear of the bank shortly after the explosion and was heard yelling that the bank would not give him money for food.” –

See more at:

Problem is he isn’t badly burnt:



Where’s all the ambulances?

27 people where supposedly injured.

Here’s the ambulance statement:

Springvale Commonwealth Bank fire: Twenty-seven people injured, six seriously burned
11 go to Dandenong Hospital

10 to Monash & 6 to the Alfred:
The attacker is known as:

The 21-year-old, known to his friends as Nur “Islam”
Apparently he’s been burnt to a crisp, is this a man who has been burnt to a crisp ?

Of course not:

The John warcriminal Kerry

This piece of trash belongs in a padded cell. The amount of genocide this horse head has done is astronomical.

1. John Kerry Jew:
BOSTON – Senator John Kerry, with his mother’s New England patrician pedigree and his Irish last name actually has a grandfather who was born a Jew in the former Austro-Hungarian Empire.
2. The “Secret Jew”: Warmonger John Kerry’s “Hidden” Jewishness
3. John Kerry, Skull & Bones
4. What Kerry did in Vietnam.

“The Cancer Cures”


1. The Forbidden Cancer Cures due to the Rockerfeller Cabal

2. Exposing Radiation poisoning & Pharmaceutical scams.

3. Berry Cure

4. Treated wrongly

Millions Falsely Treated for Cancer says National Cancer Institute Report

5. Cancer beaten by non chemo

6. Alkaline diet worked

7. Baking powder Dr.Simoncini is curing people all around the world.

Dr. Simoncini Baking Soda Treatment For Cancer (NaHCO3)

8. Cancer Scam Revealed

9. The Forbidden Cancer Cures due to the Rockerfeller Cabal

10. Natural Cures

11. Cures

12. Doctors Assasinated:

So Doctor’s are being targeted for helping humanity whilst filth like Obama, Cameron & Turnbull carry on with genocide for the medical cabal.



5 Holistic Health Doctors Found Dead In 4 Weeks, 5 More Go Missing – After Run-Ins with Feds