‘The 7 code’.
CN – Chaldean Numerology

PN – Pythagorean Numerology

MN – Master Number

This article is complete garbage to fool the people, just as what is on your tv is complete lies.

‘Serial Con Artist Accused Of Draining $250,000 From Small Business’.
Serial in PN is 28, 7777.

SerialConArtist in PN is 66, being dual 33’s.

$250,000 gives us 2+5=7.

Here’s the fictitious article:


Here’s the fictitious suspect.

Apparently runs off to Thailand.

‘In the past 5 years she’s defrauded seven employees and now she’s accused of draining the accounts of a Sydney small business’.

5 years Defrauded Seven giving us 77777.

Sydney is on the 33rd degree parallel, 33.

‘Jessica Achkar has been charged with 33 counts of fraud. Documents tendered to the court allege the 34-year-old drained $256,549 from the accounts of PK Fabrics between February and March of this year’.

Jessica in PN is 21, 777.

Achkar in CN is 14, 77.

33 counts of fraud. 33.

The 34 year old, 3+4=7.

Drained $256,549, 2+5+6=13 & 5+4+9=18 for 666.

PK, P is the 15th letter & K is the 10th, 1+5+1=7.

PK Fabrics in CN is 30 & in PN is 40, 3+4=7.

‘Achkar’s ¬≠employer Patrick Keogh’.

Patrick in CN is 21, 777.

Patrick in PN is 33.

Keogh in CN is 22, MN.

Keogh in PN is 28, 7777.

Written by ‘The Daily Telegraph’ where in PN is 86, 8+6=14 for 77.


‘The Sun Worship 19’

There are many depictions of sun worship which is very occult to most. Many signs, symbols and codes are used for sun worship.

1. Tarot cards depict the number 19 as the Sun.

2. Paganism & Catholicism, Sun Worship.

3. A photograph of Ra or Re the Egyptian Sun god.

4. Pope Francis the Jesuit with sun worship with the Cross which is nothing more than a representation of the ecliptic. About to eat a representation of flesh & drink some blood represented by red wine. Very Occult & Francis knows it.

5. Muslims, Jews & other religions follow the Sun.


“The Elon Musk Space Car Hoax”.

Elon Musk states to the world:


That’s because it is FAKE Elon you fraud, laughing at the masses as he himself knows he’s hood winking you.

Elon is a Hebrew word meaning Oak Tree.



Starting with fraud animations of course with your one eye symbolism with CBSN.

Then we have a rocket launch with no doubt that the rocket gets dumped in the ocean.

A few screaming on lookers for theatre for the masses.

Then a deployment of the car in a studio. 

Where are the stars Elon?

Watch out for that space debris Elon it may rip a hole in the wind shield.

 Oops we just missed all those satellites 2271 of them. 


( satellites are fake, written up by Freemasonic author Arthur C. Clarke  science fiction mag in 1945, http://lakdiva.org/clarke/1945ww/)

Here’s another Fake photo.

More fake photos with the oblate spheroid or globe model.

And the photos just get worse.

If you can’t tell these photos are fake, there’s not much hope for yourself, just wake up, this is garbage.

“The Michelle Tranny Obama”.

A very obvious male here, Michelle Obama the transvestite running around undercover.

A little baby boy photo.

Male shoulders & chest. It’s smiling at you alright with his high eye brow ridge, make up on & laughing at you.

The big male chest, females do not have chests like this.

And what do we have here Mish, the old Adan’s apple of course.

How’s those hand’s and ring finger test, ops FAIL.

Bulging biceps, doing the devil horns on vogue with his left hand. 

Yet if that hasn’t got you, obviously Mish is happy to see you.

It even bounces around & gets stuck for Mish

Pops up on tv

Gets aroused when hanging out with Ellen another tranny.

Where is that thing?

poor Obama with his feminine traits.

Nothing like seeing the Williams brothers in action hey Mish. One big tranny fest.

Worked it out yet?

‘The Nicole KidMAN Tranny’

The jokes on us, Kidman.

Take the hair away & you have your young boy

Just a young boy here in this photo.

Deep set eyes, male jawline, high eyebrow ridge & hair mop to hide it all.

Long arms & that jaw line. 

Hold that male leg up, male shoulders and chest

And those teeth.

Here’s the so called father with his tranny export.

Let’s see how this young tranny progressed into a con artist & deceiver. The male attributes really showing.

And that male back & those arms.

The straight up and down torso.

No hips & a male waist.

And fails the hand test.

Male lips & chest.

Those big feet, seen on all these trannys on tv.

Here’s a typical female skull, oops doesn’t fit.

Here’s a males skull, bingo, it fits.

And we still haven’t finished, a man in a dress.

If you haven’t worked it out that Tom Cruise is a women well here it is with its other ex tranny half.

Kidman starred in a tranny movie to hide all the trans.

The symbolism is tragic, one eye & freemasonic worship.

The finger on the lips for a secret.

The Butterfly which is Masonic.

More to see at:

‘The Most Obviuos Tranny Show’


‘The Most Obviuos Tranny Show’

You’ve seen it all on your …….

Even having transgender acting school.

Apparently an iceberg hit the Titanic. Here’s a tranny acting out the roll of a survivor, he states that the iceberg was a ‘whopper’.

By the way, it was no iceberg.

Whitehouse Press Secretary Dee Dee Myers who gets hugs off Bill Clinton & George Jnr Bush. 



Michelle or Micheal Obama the tranny, man hands, traps, large cranium, male biceps & ring finger gives it away.

“The Michelle Tranny Obama”.

Nicole tranny Kid”man”. Plastic surgery for this boy along with a hair do.

‘The Nicole KidMAN Tranny’

Jennifer Keyte an Australian news anchor, lots of work done on him.

“The Australian Tranny News Anchor”


Chyna the WWE Tranny…….

And if you can’t see that these are Tranny’s, well I can’t help you.

Even Ole Dammegard supports trannys. Ole was a support actor of which he exposes a lot of hoax events. Yet his true agenda speaks for itself when you have Max Igan (33) & Matilda Macey (33) on your show.

‘The Issac Newton Freemasonic Fraudster’

An Apple Fell on Issac’s head & fraud was born, ‘Gravity’. Never been proven to this date & never will be proven as it is pseudo-science, just as Darwin is.

The Apple is on a tree, the tree itself bares fruit & once ripened will fall off due to the twig giving way & then density of the Apple falling on Issac’s head. Or the Apple falling into a bucket of water and floating which is boyance.

That’s all it is,

Boyance & Density.

Here’s Issac flashing the Mason sign right in your face.

Also knighted on 1705 by Queen Anne as ‘Sir’ Issac Newton.


Queen Anne Masonic Lodge, 242 in Seattle.


Some more Mason gang bangers:

Poor Issac’s alchemy caught fire. Notice Issac’s fake sphere.

Prove me wrong.


Dee Dee Myers the tranny Whitehouse secretary. Dee Dee, get your DD for 44 & duality.

Also the name is like admires. More freemasonic Jew garbage.

You don’t have to look much into Myers to see the tranny.

A top class close up, coming face to face with a tranny.

Well Bill Clinton likes his trannys.

Nothing like a phone call from your local Whitehouse, straight out of the tranny’s mouth.

Call into c-span & talk to a tranny about men & women’s rights. You’ll get the best of both worlds.

George Bush likes his tranny’s.

And Dee Dee pushing out the diamond hand sign, diamond is 33 in numerology.

A male waist, broad shoulders, long arms & wonder if it’s had the cut & shut?

The real blokes stance.

More to see at:

‘The Most Obviuos Tranny Show’


“The Australian Tranny News Anchor”

Jennifer Keyte had an incident many years ago with Johnny Depp placing a coke bottle up Keyte’s Anal passage.

Here’s a copy of a Steve Vizard show that may have a pointer to the incident:

I did find this comment on the above video:

Here’s a picture of Jennifer in her early days, ring finger looks suspect. The hands are rather large.

A bit of a close up:

And Jennifer with that big skull & hand on hips to give the hip effect. Wide shoulders & is that an Adam’s apple I see?

Jenny with the straight up & down torso, long arms & those large hands.

Doesn’t mind a picture with a homosexual soapy, Molly Meldrum which has of course you get your MM, 33.

Now pick the boy dressed in a female dress?

Yes we have a Tranny & tea drinker of course with the tennis court out the back.

A lot of work done on this one of course: